Take Advantage of Our Remodeling Service!

Dealing with the roof of your house can be a huge hassle, especially when you want to do minor repairs or replacements. You would need to get up on the roof, and if you don’t have proper experience or the right gear, it can be a dangerous task. If you do need to get the roof fixed or replaced, you should consider hiring a trained roofing contractor like Brutus Construction. We are trained to take on minor and major roofing projects, including the installations and replacements of roofs in the homes of our clients in Allouez, MI.

Why Hire Pros?

Fixing, installing, or replacing any part of the roof of your house or essentially remodeling should be left to professionals because of a few reasons. First, you will need the expertise in order to successfully perform the task. If you don’t have the faintest idea how to replace the roof, no amount of research on the Internet will help you. Second, you will need experience because mistakes can lead to dangerous situations. You could get seriously injured during the process if you lack the knowledge or gear. So, try today but remember that you may need the help of roofing experts like us.

We Handle Roofing and Remodeling Work!

Our roofing and remodeling services are available to our clients who either need help with their roofing problems or are looking to have a new roof installed. If you decide to have one replaced, we’ll begin by checking the kind of roofing material you want. Once we know the material you want, we’ll proceed to find the best quality roofing panels that will last longer and are in high demand. If the roof is in bad condition but you don’t want to replace it, we can still make the necessary repairs to restore the function of the roof or to prevent further damage. If you have some questions or are worried about the project, get in touch with us.

Brutus Construction is the roofing contractor you can count on for major and minor roofing work. Do you want a new roof to be installed in your house in Allouez, MI? You have come to the right place. Give us a call at (906) 207-4424 today so we can start with the roofing work right away!

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